How to share papers

This is a page for students and post-docs funded by Ember, and their advisors. It explains how ANR (our funding agency) wants us to share our papers. You don’t have to read everything in full now, but please at least read the titles (Case 1 to Case 5) and see if they apply to you.

ANR requires that our research output is made publicly available according to the principles of open science. Part of this is making our papers open access (other aspects are covered in our data management plan, which you should have read). It is also important that each of our papers mentions our ANR grant number, otherwise we can’t feature them in our activity reports.

Case 1: I’m preparing a paper submission (conference paper, journal article, poster abstract,…)

You have nothing to do yet. Come back here and check Case 2 once your paper is accepted.

Case 2: I got a paper accepted and need to prepare a camera-ready version

If not done, add an Acknowledgements section just before your bibliography. Then paste the following text:

This work was partly supported by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), grant number ANR-19-CE33-0012.

You can paste this text wherever you want in your acknowledgements section and you can even change it, but it’s important you leave the grant number. It will be processed automatically by indexing tools.

Case 3: I’m ready to put my paper online

Some people do it as soon as their paper is accepted, others prefer to do it right after the paper is officially published. Whatever your choice is, the proper place (by French law) to upload your paper is

First, make sure your paper PDF mentions the ANR grant in its acknowledgements (see Case 2). Then go to, create an account if you haven’t done so, and click Submit. There is some work involved in navigating the many different fields, so if it’s your first time, I suggest you do it with your advisor.

The one thing I’d like you to do before you submit your entry to HAL is to expand the section titled Complete the document’s metadata, enable the option Display the complete list of metadata (right below, to the right), scroll down to ANR project(s), and paste ANR-19-CE33-0012 in the text field.

Your new submission will need to be validated manually by someone else, which can take from a few hours to a few days. You will receive an email notification. Once done, please send the public URL of your paper to Pierre (by Mattermost DM or email) so he can add it to the Ember news page.

Case 4: I’ve already published a paper but haven’t followed the instructions above ?

That’s fine. If you haven’t uploaded your paper on yet, do it now. If your paper’s acknowledgements section doesn’t mention ANR-19-CE33-0012 as explained in Case 2, you need to find your paper’s source, add the acknowledgement as explained above and regenerate a PDF.

If you have already uploaded your paper but haven’t filled the metadata field as indicated in Case 3, log in, go to the HAL page for your paper and click Modify. If you can’t find that page, click on my space → my deposits, find your article, select it, then click Tools → modify the metadata.  Add ANR-19-CE33-0012 to the ANR project(s) field and validate the change. Some changes need to be confirmed manually by someone else, so it can take some time. Once done, your paper should be listed here:*&anrProjectReference_s=ANR-19-CE33-0012

If you have already uploaded your paper but haven’t filled the acknowledgements sections as explained in Case 2, do it, regenerate a PDF, and upload it to as a new version (go to the HAL page for your paper and click Submit new version).

Sorry for the hassle, but it’s important that the grant number is mentioned in all your papers, both in the paper itself and in the metadata. Otherwise I can’t mention these papers in our activity reports. Please ask me (Pierre) if you need help or if something isn’t clear.

Case 5: I have completed my Master’s internship but haven’t shared my report

I’m not 100% sure if ANR requires Masters’ students funded by them to publicly share their Masters’ internship report or thesis, but I think it does, and it would be a good thing to do it anyway. If you want me to ask ANR more formally I’m happy to do it. If you have issues with sharing your report, please write to me (Pierre).  Otherwise, please follow the steps below.

The place to put Masters’ internship reports and theses is Sorry this URL is wrong. Let me find the right way to do it. I’ll let you know. Please go there, create an account (if you already have a HAL account you can use it) and follow instructions. I haven’t used that page in the past but I’m assuming it must be similar to HAL. Ask your advisor for help if you’re encountering difficulties.

Once done, please send the public URL of your report to Pierre (by Mattermost DM or email) so he can add it to the Ember news page.

Thank you!


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